The rear wheel is big and the front wheel is small. Why does the tractor always use this strange design?

Speaking of tractors, we should be able to draw their basic shape structure in mind, heavy and bulky, work, exhaust noise is not a few. But recently, China’s independent research and development of this lofty, full of a sense of science and technology of the pure electric unmanned super tractor I, is not to let you shine at the moment, the tractor has a new level of understanding. Under the support of science and technology, the design of all aspects of the tractor is also more and more high-end, not inferior to the development of the car, but careful observation of its appearance, it is not difficult to find the overall arrangement is still front wheels small, after wheels large, so the reason for the design is?

This difference in the design of the original tractor’s front and rear wheels took into account its normal operating conditions, which were rough, muddy fields. At this point in order to make the tractor can better cooperate with specific agricultural tools to play a role, its front and rear wheels task assignment is not the same, so the required size of the wheels are not the same, tire pattern is also very different.